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bloody bored
2009-05-19 � 9:23 p.m.

I fully intended to work out this evening when I got home from work, except first I was starving and had dinner (chicken roll with mayonnaise - yum!), then The Simpsons was on and I was all set to get up off my arse and put the video game on, but then Australia's Next Top Model was on, and I'm all for my scratch fights so I had to watch it. I thought it only went for half an hour, but no - the show goes for a bloody hour so by that time it was 8:30 pm and I couldn't be bloody bothered. I will definitely work out tomorrow night ... before Cold Case starts.

Coming home on the train tonight was lovely. I got a window seat, which I always like and then I got an extra bonus when about 3 drunk guys sat on the seats around me. They didn't say or do anything to me (except for the guy right next to me who kept digging his goddamn elbow into my side), but ... eh, young drunk dudes make me ... uncomfortable. I'm not the most attractive of people and it's my worst nightmare when someone feels they need to point this fact out in public.

I need to get the internet in my room. My sister's computer is out in the lounge room and I always get nervous thinking she's looking over my shoulder which she never is. Hmm, people might start to think I'm paranoid, hey?

This has been a bit of a random entry, eh? I never have anything to talk about. Thank god the year is going fast! Work is beginning to bug me. I just want to lose a bit of weight and get to Queensland and relax for a while.

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